Docket 17214: Propane Forklift Safety Flip Chart

  • Organization: Propane Council of Texas
  • Applicant: Jackie Mason
  • State/Region: Texas
  • Project Start Date: 03/08/11
  • Project End Date: 03/08/12
  • Replicated Rebate: Docket 16402
  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $47,200.00
  • Total Amount Awarded: $47,200.00
  • Award Date: 03/31/11

Project Summary

The Propane Council of Texas proposes to re-implement Phase 2 of Docket # 16402 Duty To Warn Forklift Flip Chart.

Statement of the Project

In 2010 under Docket # 16402, the Propane Council of Texas enhanced and updated their Forklift Safety Flip Chart originally created in 2000 with Phase I of the project. The Forklift Safety Flip Chart is a series of thirteen 19 x 25 full-color posters in the form of a flipchart, with English safety tips on one side and Spanish on the other. Each poster gives one clear, concise safety tip with supporting talking points regarding the use of propane in conjunction with forklifts, using simple text and photographs. The flip charts are spiral bound, so they can be hung in a lunchroom or warehouse and rotated each month. The flipchart is also a great tool for the propane industry for forklift customer orientations and safety meetings. The Propane Forklift Safety Tip Flip Chart aids warehouse managers and other supervisors of forklift operators to train their employees on the safe operation of propane forklifts. The flip chart re-development was complete in 3rd quarter of 2010 and nearly 1,000 flipcharts were distributed in less than 6 months with Phase 2 of the project. Due to large demand and a large majority of propane marketers that were not able to take advantage of the program, ProCOT proposes to reprint the flip charts to ensure that propane safety messages reach a larger margin of the propane forklift operators in state of Texas. The flipchart will be marketed in Texas Propane magazine (distributed to all Texas PERC assessment payers), at industry meetings, and on the Propane Council of Texas website. The flip chart is available complimentary to all Texas PERC assessment payers for the cost of shipping.

Cost Benefit Analysis

With this growing market, there are a lot of forklift operators new to propane. The Forklift Safety Flipchart is a duty to warn tool that will help implement safe practices while handling propane.

Evaluation Statement

An online evaluation will be provided to each individual that orders the propane forklift safety flipchart.

Budget and Statement of Costs

Task Expense Printing (1,500) $38,150.00 Freight to ProCOT $1,200.00 Flip Chart Marketing $650.00 Admin/Operating $7,200.00 Total $47,200.00 The PROCOT is requesting $ 7,200 for project management & operating costs as outlined in the Propane Education & Research Council's Policies, Rules, and Procedures 10.15.1 & 10.15.2 to research & development of the Duty To Warn Forklift Flipchart funding request, to monitor & implement project, conduct and analyze evaluations, and to prepare and file reports related to Duty To Warn Forklift Flipchart docket. Executive Director ? Official project oversight ? Contract & bid negotiations ? Promotion of product through district meetings and travels to propane retail locations Education & Marketing Director ? Will assist with project oversight ? Assists with contract & bid negotiations ? Will prepare funding request ? Coordination of marketing and distribution of forklift safety flipchart ? Writes news briefs and press releases for propane industry publications ? Monitors project financials quarterly and prepared final accounting report Accountant ? Serves in financial advisory capacity ? Performs bookkeeping ? Works with CPA on maintaining Forklift Flip Chart account CPA ? Monitors account activity and act in a financial advisory capacity