High Performing On-road Vehicles Fueled By Propane Autogas

Propane autogas is the leading alternative fuel in the United States and the nation’s third most common vehicle fuel after gasoline and diesel. Propane autogas fuels more than 270,000 on-road vehicles in the United States, according to the Energy Department, and more than 15 million vehicles worldwide. On average, propane autogas vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent and create 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide, and fewer particulate emissions, compared with gasoline. Propane autogas burns cleaner in engines than gasoline and diesel, which results in longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs. Fleet managers can easily refuel vehicles fueled by propane autogas by installing on-site refueling infrastructure or by visiting one of thousands of propane autogas refueling stations across the United States.

Ground Service and Hospitality

Trucks, Vans, and Shuttles

Ten new on-road vehicle platforms fueled by propane autogas have been developed in the past 20 months through support from the Propane Education & Research Council and its manufacturing partners. Industry leaders like Alliance AutoGas, Blue Bird Corp., CleanFuel USA, Collins Bus Corp., Impco/BRC, and Roush CleanTech have increased the availability of high-performance vehicles fueled by propane autogas helping fleet managers achieve sustainability goals. Click below to learn more about on-road vehicle platforms fueled by propane autogas at www.autogasusa.org.

School buses


Cities, communities, and school systems rely on buses fueled by propane autogas to safely meet sustainability requirements and organizational performance goals. Buses fueled by propane autogas provide a range of low-emission alternatives for transporting the public and supporting municipal infrastructures. Learn more at www.autogasusa.org.

Law Enforcement Vehicles

Passenger Vehicles

Law enforcement fleets, including police, security, and traffic enforcement vehicles, and taxi fleets require a versatile, reliable fuel. Propane autogas can meet the performance needs of high-mileage, high-runtime vehicles. For more information about propane autogas and law enforcement and taxi fleets go to www.autogasusa.org.